Discover your body’s innate healing wisdom, transform your life, and awaken to your highest potential.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Within each of us are abundant untapped resources of vital energy, enthusiasm, peace and health. Our lives and bodies hold miracles just waiting to happen. But how do we find them? And how do we carry the work that we do during our entrainments into our lives off the table?

Through working with thousands of patients over many decades, Dr. Donald Epstein noticed predictable patterns in the ways that people move and breathe at the precise moments when they are suffering, having breakthroughs or experiencing expanded states of consciousness. Over the years, Dr. Epstein eventually categorized a dozen of these unique patterns and detailed them in his book “The Twelve Stages of Healing.”

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is the set of exercises that Epstein developed to help people cultivate the skills to move more easily through each of these twelve stages of healing. The exercises help you use your breath, touch, focused movement and attention to experience your body with more awareness and presence. Through step-by-step processes, SRI helps you to find more trust in your experience, shift your state of consciousness and gather the necessary energy you will need to move forward effortlessly.

Once you learn how to do the SRI exercises, you’’ll have a powerful system for directly harnessing the internal forces of your body for easier self-healing, transformation and reorganization. Anyone who is in physical pain, going through an illness, divorce, depression, loss of a job or loved one can benefit profoundly from SRI exercises, but SRI is not just for those who are suffering.

The first three stages of of SRI are especially helpful for people who are in pain, or who are feeling depressed, fatigued, helpless, disconnected or stuck in life. The next four stages of SRI are powerful for people looking for a breakthrough or who are already in the process of making significant life changes. The last five stages of SRI promote more awakened states of consciousness and are designed to help you access and sustain a greater depth of overall well being.

Most people find that regularly using the SRI exercises helps them feel more grounded, present, energized, confident and creative – allowing them to harness the otherwise untapped resources within them. Here at Magnolia, we passionately believe in the power of SRI and weave it into all aspects of the care we offer, including entrainments, one on one appointments, workshops and retreats.