Discover your body’s innate healing wisdom, transform your life, and awaken to your highest potential.

Seasons of Well-Being

Like the seasons of the weather, we all have varying, dynamic and cyclical experiences of feeling. In this care, we call the different inner knowings as the “Seasons of Wellbeing.” The four seasons are called Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate, and each have a distinct purpose and tone. We may notice that we come back to visit parts of our self and themes of our life; but we can do so from a growing wisdom perspective that results in greater depth of who we are and our ability to love, grow and serve.

A key aspect of the care we offer is to work with each person in reorganizing their structures, perceptions and behaviors. We do this while supporting them in the season of life they are in as well as the one they desire to be in and the one they ultimately must be in. Thus, each person is supported to Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate their immense self-healing ability and gifts for the world.


The season of Discover is a time to create ease and safety in our body-mind in order to get a sense of what is underneath the stories that have kept us in pain, disconnected, and in the mode of surviving instead of thriving. We learn and experience how we have defend ourselves in the world. We discern how we have moved away from pain physically, energetically, and emotionally and whether we still need to be doing so. We learn how we have narrowed our perception, created feelings, and isolated parts of our body in response to circumstances at times in our life. We learn that while trying to protect ourselves from something we have deemed harmful or painful we have ultimately associated and conditioned ourselves to what we initially tried to avoid. Through the principles of the “triple A” formula of awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance, you will discover where blame, polarity and seeking help outside of yourself has taken you. As you move through this season you will see how your habitual patterns have kept you in a loop of pain, helplessness, blame, and/or feeling ‘stuck’ and have the resources to begin to set yourself free and make breakthroughs as you move into the next season.


The season of Transform is associated with personal ownership for having re-enacted and sustained defense strategies, lack of authentic expression, and for distancing ourselves from our authentic nature. Here we find the consciousness, energetic and life resources, action, and skills necessary to transform our lives. We chose to change our stories, rules, models, relationships, and goals related to our bioenergetic, emotional and thought energies. The focus in this season is on claiming or reclaiming sources of strength, courage, wisdom, and insight. Definitive decisions and actions that are more authentic and congruent with your life act as rituals for the expression of the wisdom of Transform. Again, we use the “triple A” formula to help you reclaim what you have given away. You will transform outdated patterns, stories, and rules that once felt rigid, creating a new map of ‘self’. You will feel the emotions needed to put you in motion. In Discover we learned how to dissipate and regulate tension, but in the season of Transform we now we begin to focus on building the tension in order to use it as fuel to change our defended self and our lives. In this season we see changes occur physically, structurally, emotionally, socially and culturally.


The season of Awaken is an opening for transcendent awareness. It is the season of inspired action, based upon the awareness and expression of empathy, love, compassion, and gratitude. Actions and awareness radiate from the interconnectedness of ALL of us and are experienced through any one of us and the focus naturally moves from ‘doing’ into ‘being’. In the season of Awaken, there can be a blissful emptiness, acceptance and celebration. This undefended self can merge with new levels of depth and fullness. We remember with greater depth and knowing the integral, profound, and effortless nature of our authentic self as it unfolds. We effortlessly connect to the web life in which we all participate. Ultimately the heart becomes our new leader and we connect to levels of love and grace that could never experience in our state of separateness.


The season of Integrate happens when we revisit a previous season while maintaining developmental perspectives from the subsequent season. The season of integrate allows us to create a greater depth of experience through the elements of more than one season at a time while gaining wisdom of the previous season. During Integrate we consciously choose the seasons which are to be blended together to create the internal reality of our choice.