Like attracts Like

So, I got this email yesterday from a woman client and initially, I was embarrassed. I nearly wrote her back with the intention of saying something to downplay the significance of her letter. Instinctively and Immediately deflecting the attention off of me.

I sat with it for a moment and thought. What? Really? Ugh? Why are we so strongly conditioned to play small?

I’ve had an incredible life journey. I have delved my way into the depths of my psyche, body, and I’ve achieMagnetved graduate degrees, I’ve taken and lead hundreds of seminars on personal growth, wellness, health-care, body mechanics, divine femininity, and you name it if it has to do with helping humanity achieve states of sustainable nirvana I’ve been involved in some way. This has been my life’s work.

So why in the world did I have that initial reaction? Well, it’s the hard wiring of our culture!

I decided not only to write back this woman, she is worthy of incredible praise herself, but to post it so we can all get some growth out of this.

Here is her letter:

Dr Steph

I admire you so much in so many ways.
How do you do it all?
You make time to shop and you dress so cute, fun and pretty.
You make time for the Bar Method and are super toned and slim.
You are an amazing loving mom with a gorgeous daughter.
You have a wonderful partner whom you love and enjoy.
You make time for fun! like dancing and celebrating fabulous you.

You have your own business and help heal so many people (for which we are so very grateful). And you have staff and overhead responsibilities! And administrative goop like billing and bills and…

You are my hero – my role model. So how do I do the same? What is your formula, attitude, approach, mindset that I might emulate?

Love you!!

First off! Dang, that really feels good. Receiving this message confirms that a huge growth edge for me has matured. It also really just FEELS so good to say YES to being appreciated and being valued! 
Secondly, this next bit of insight is really good to know when working with any experience you want to quantify. “Doing it all” is a CONCEPT. It is a function of the mind trying to fit a lot of complex information into a box so that all of the thoughts and feelings and related and unrelated threads we are holding about a topic can energetically downsize. This happens when there isn’t a lot of available energy to hold multiple ideas and concepts concurrently. So the system, in this case the mind, seeks to pack information up into groupings that use fewer resources. Letting go of the need to put information into a box opens you to possibilities that would have never had the opportunity to surface. 
I LOVE that you asked all of these questions because, well, first of all I am a woman and my feminine nature requires being seen, appreciated, complimented, beloved, related to, and respected for the brilliance of my gifts to be evoked! When this aspect of US, in our feminine, gets overlooked or ignored we wilt and it is an uphill challenge to thrive in any of the scenarios you desire.

I really appreciate your questions. Because, I know from our work together that, you are more ALIVE when the lens you see the world from is from an external perspective. Meaning observing, interpreting, and seeking what sparks you from outside of yourself and then bringing that wisdom IN to be embodied fuels you. For some, seeking wisdom from within oneself and bringing it out to the world is their way. So, for you external types, asking people you admire what they do, have, or create is the exact direction to move in for SUCCESS.

The short answer to all of your questions is GET ENERGIZED and honestly, all of your desires and dreams are possible.

You want cute clothes, a loving partner and family, a career you love? All you have to do is: 1. Begin to see yourself with these things 2. Get connected with the emotions you have about them and really really practice embodying these emotions. 3. Do this everyday! Have your goals somewhere in your mind at all times. When I wanted the things you mentioned I was meticulously disciplined at having them in my consciousness ALL THE TIME either in the foreground or the background of my mind. 4. What you focus on becomes your reality. Like Steven Covey says, to be successful “begin with the end in mind”. Add ” body” to this and life really starts to shift. 5. Trust the universal law that ‘Like attracts Like’ BE what you want to attract. Live it as if it’s already here. This tells the universe you are ready to receive it.

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