Health is a progressive evolution of growth and development towards thriving, not merely surviving.
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Get Started Now!

Getting out of Pain and Symptoms and onto the path to thriving STARTS HERE.

Step 1: Call us at 415-931-5878 for our SAN FRANCISCO location or 415-259-4425 for our SAN ANSELMO- Marin County location to make your introductory appointment.

Step 2: Download and complete new practice member forms so we can get to know you.

Step 3: Arrive ten minutes early to get settled and receive a tour. You will then meet with the doctor for up to 1 hour. First, we will use some non-invasive instruments to evaluate where your body is showing signs of stress and dis-ease. Next, an in depth session to review your health history and personal goals and ending with a physical chiropractic exam. The doctor will evaluate this information and share recommendations for care with you. If appropriate, you will then get the most exciting part of the visit, your first network spinal analysis entrainment. This will likely leave you feeling relaxed, more flexible and rejuvenated.

Step 4 and Beyond: You will come for your first appointment in our open adjusting area. This is a powerful healing space that is maintained with the highest integrity and with respect to your personal healing journey. The group room promotes a strong field for healing; that’s one of the main reasons many hospitals are turning to open treatment areas. St. Luke’s Cancer Center at St. Luke’s Miners Memorial Hospital, for instance, boasts that the group room provides “a supportive environment for patients to interact and gain insights from others who are experiencing similar situations.”