Creating An Evolved Baby

By  Stephanie | Published:   April 20, 2018

Check out this very special interview with our Marin chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Bridwell.  Dr. Stephanie opens up about her the birth of her daughter and how to create an “evolved baby”. 

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Are You Ready for More?

By  Stephanie | Published:   March 27, 2018

Our Marin Chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie, shows you how to tap into a universe of potential through liberating and reorganizing the healing energy bound in your spine.

The F-YOU letter!

By  Stephanie | Published:   March 22, 2018

Our Marin Chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Bridwell, shares how to write the infamous, “F-YOU” letter!  This video is a portal exercise into a 1-day Shadow Work Immersion at


Make Space for Grace

By  Stephanie | Published:   March 21, 2018

What is your energy state??

By  Stephanie | Published:   March 20, 2018

Being conscious of your energy state, like a bank account, can determine your heath, wealth, and overall quality of life.

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Network Spinal Chiropractic Care and How Tension Develops

By  Stephanie | Published:   

Learn how the spine either helps you get buried or get better by the way it interacts with stress. You can train the spine and brain to adapt to stress in a way that supports growth. Go from Pain to Potential!

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What to Know When Starting NSA Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care

By  Stephanie | Published:   

What is chiropractic and NS Chiropractic? Spinal Waves Upgrade your overall Frequency so you can be the best version of yourself possible.

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Cleanse Your Past, Energize Your Future

By  Stephanie | Published:   December 30, 2016

Cleanse Your Past, Energize Your Future

It’s a new year and another opportunity to create a ‘new you’, both inside and out. Each year you think, ‘What if there was a way you could heal yourself and live the energetic and fulfilling life you have imagined, actually worked?’  The great news is, there is.  And you don’t even have to do anything out of the ordinary.  You can free yourself from the confusion of food exercise bank account management, You can let go of, taking measurements, counting calories and standing on those scary scales just by saying yes to our process, which has been around since 1929.  You will also learn that is’s not about the calories its about how well your system can utilize the energy in food. The more pure your body the less work your body has to do to get the most out food without creating an inflammatory response.  The bioenergetic intelligence is what organizes metabolic energy and this cleanse clears the blockage to this energetic intelligence.

For almost a century, the ‘Standard Process’ has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee (Whole Food Philosophy, n.d.) .   If you are not consuming the correct amount of nutrients, that can affect the normal functioning of the body’s detoxification pathways (Puriciation Handout, n.d.).  The purification program provides a nutrient-dense menu, freeing your body from processed foods often found in our diets.

The 21-day Purification Cleanse will complement your ‘Reorganizational Healing’ work perfectly.  It will give you a new way of eating which promotes enjoyment of healthy whole foods. Better digestion, increased energy, clearer skin, and shinier hair are just a few of the benefits you will encounter with the purification process (Puriciation Handout, n.d.).

 If you would like to cleanse your past and enter your future with freedom and confidence, you have come to the right place. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition. Click here [VM1] to learn more.  

Clean Body. Healthy Life.

Clean Body. Healthy Life.

The secret to staying awake in the age of the snooze button.

By  MAGNOLIAWELLNESSCENTER | Published:   March 6, 2016
Take the Red Pill- The secret to staying awake in the age of the snooze button.

For most people, the initial response to hearing that someone is seeing a chiropractor is to assume that person is experiencing pain in their back, neck or in the joints of the body. While a chiropractor certainly does address challenges in the spine, that is just the foundation of what is available when you visit a chiropractor with a holistic approach. Chiropractors practicing Network Spinal Analysis are specially trained to look for stored trauma in the body and the habitual muscolo-skeletal distortions that overtly represent it.

In my lifetime of deep experiential work with people in my role as a doctor of chiropractic, a movement specialist, psychotherapist, healer, mentor and coach and in seeing thousands of clients at major crossroads in their health and life I’ve honed in on what I would call the magic *red pill for thriving beyond surviving.

The Reorganizational Healing (ROH) framework combined with the Chiropractic application of Network Spinal Analysis provides a comprehensive look at the entire person. After all, pain, injury, emotional and mental stress in one area of the body or life has a very big impact on the rest of one’s life and body.

When you pull on a dog’s tail- the BARK comes out on the other side- right? One of the biggest ah ha’s my clients wake up to is that Everything is connected. The big picture is that there is a line of connection from your lineage through to, and beyond, you. With ROH and NSA we can access new choices that free energy and influence change now.

Reorganizational Healing

ROH or Reorganizational Healing is a choice available for those seeking an empowered path at the juncture of healthcare and personal development. It is not about restoring a person to a prior state of health. It is about enhancing all systems of the body to bring them into harmony and optimal functioning. Through this approach, wellness is obtained through resourcing our innate gifts for making sustainable change.

ROH is about becoming more self-aware and resourceful with the drains and gains to our energy. Learning to optimize our energetic bank accounts so to speak produces enough metabolic energy for us to hold on to living the lives of our dreams and not settling for less. We only downsize our lives when we perceive there isn’t enough energy. When we have a lack of energy we start saying no to things and eventually suffer in our body and life from living a dulled down version of who we are supposed to be. Waking up and learning to have excess energy available at all times is a key strategy in developing a truly, joyous body and life.

Network Spinal Analysis

NSA or Network Spinal Analysis is an evidence-based approach developed by master innovator, Dr. Donald Epstein D.C, for improving spinal and neural integrity leading to coherent (unified/whole) signaling in the nervous system. Through producing waves in the spine the nervous system becomes more and more refined and sensitive to subtle information. Picking up on your body’s cues early is a way of maintaining health and could one day save your life.

The NSA approach is a revolutionary way of providing support to the body in its ability to self-heal. This is very different than traditional manipulation through chiropractic treatment. It uses the gentle pressure of a soft touch on specific areas along the spine to address interferences or neural blockages in the spine as well as reduce, reorganize and teach new strategies for the central nervous system to self-regulate daily tension.

Through the use of network spinal analysis clients develop better communication between the brain the body. With reorganizational healing we are able to develop a true understanding of our core nature and how to harness the dynamic forces we are in interplay with. These are the tools for being the map makers of our own health, lives, and destiny.

blog-1 *From the movie, the Matrix: “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” A bluepill refers to a human that is not aware of the true nature of the Matrix

Like attracts Like

By  MAGNOLIAWELLNESSCENTER | Published:   March 5, 2016
So, I got this email yesterday from a woman client and initially, I was embarrassed. I nearly wrote her back with the intention of saying something to downplay the significance of her letter. Instinctively and Immediately deflecting the attention off of me.

I sat with it for a moment and thought. What? Really? Ugh? Why are we so strongly conditioned to play small?

I’ve had an incredible life journey. I have delved my way into the depths of my psyche, body, and I’ve achieMagnetved graduate degrees, I’ve taken and lead hundreds of seminars on personal growth, wellness, health-care, body mechanics, divine femininity, and you name it if it has to do with helping humanity achieve states of sustainable nirvana I’ve been involved in some way. This has been my life’s work.

So why in the world did I have that initial reaction? Well, it’s the hard wiring of our culture!

I decided not only to write back this woman, she is worthy of incredible praise herself, but to post it so we can all get some growth out of this.

Here is her letter:

Dr Steph

I admire you so much in so many ways.
How do you do it all?
You make time to shop and you dress so cute, fun and pretty.
You make time for the Bar Method and are super toned and slim.
You are an amazing loving mom with a gorgeous daughter.
You have a wonderful partner whom you love and enjoy.
You make time for fun! like dancing and celebrating fabulous you.

You have your own business and help heal so many people (for which we are so very grateful). And you have staff and overhead responsibilities! And administrative goop like billing and bills and…

You are my hero – my role model. So how do I do the same? What is your formula, attitude, approach, mindset that I might emulate?

Love you!!

First off! Dang, that really feels good. Receiving this message confirms that a huge growth edge for me has matured. It also really just FEELS so good to say YES to being appreciated and being valued! 
Secondly, this next bit of insight is really good to know when working with any experience you want to quantify. “Doing it all” is a CONCEPT. It is a function of the mind trying to fit a lot of complex information into a box so that all of the thoughts and feelings and related and unrelated threads we are holding about a topic can energetically downsize. This happens when there isn’t a lot of available energy to hold multiple ideas and concepts concurrently. So the system, in this case the mind, seeks to pack information up into groupings that use fewer resources. Letting go of the need to put information into a box opens you to possibilities that would have never had the opportunity to surface. 
I LOVE that you asked all of these questions because, well, first of all I am a woman and my feminine nature requires being seen, appreciated, complimented, beloved, related to, and respected for the brilliance of my gifts to be evoked! When this aspect of US, in our feminine, gets overlooked or ignored we wilt and it is an uphill challenge to thrive in any of the scenarios you desire.

I really appreciate your questions. Because, I know from our work together that, you are more ALIVE when the lens you see the world from is from an external perspective. Meaning observing, interpreting, and seeking what sparks you from outside of yourself and then bringing that wisdom IN to be embodied fuels you. For some, seeking wisdom from within oneself and bringing it out to the world is their way. So, for you external types, asking people you admire what they do, have, or create is the exact direction to move in for SUCCESS.

The short answer to all of your questions is GET ENERGIZED and honestly, all of your desires and dreams are possible.

You want cute clothes, a loving partner and family, a career you love? All you have to do is: 1. Begin to see yourself with these things 2. Get connected with the emotions you have about them and really really practice embodying these emotions. 3. Do this everyday! Have your goals somewhere in your mind at all times. When I wanted the things you mentioned I was meticulously disciplined at having them in my consciousness ALL THE TIME either in the foreground or the background of my mind. 4. What you focus on becomes your reality. Like Steven Covey says, to be successful “begin with the end in mind”. Add ” body” to this and life really starts to shift. 5. Trust the universal law that ‘Like attracts Like’ BE what you want to attract. Live it as if it’s already here. This tells the universe you are ready to receive it.

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