The secret to staying awake in the age of the snooze button.

By  MAGNOLIAWELLNESSCENTER | Published:   March 6, 2016
Take the Red Pill- The secret to staying awake in the age of the snooze button. For most people, the initial response to hearing that someone is seeing a chiropractor is to assume that person is experiencing pain in their back, neck or in the joints of the body. While a chiropractor certainly does address challenges in...

Like attracts Like

By  MAGNOLIAWELLNESSCENTER | Published:   March 5, 2016
So, I got this email yesterday from a woman client and initially, I was embarrassed. I nearly wrote her back with the intention of saying something to downplay the significance of her letter. Instinctively and Immediately deflecting the attention off of me. I sat with it for a moment and thought. What? Really? Ugh? Why are we...

Your spine is your LIFEline

By  MAGNOLIAWELLNESSCENTER | Published:   March 3, 2016
Did you know that your Spine is Your Lifeline? For many people, the spine is just another part of the body. However, the spine is so much more than an amazingly constructed connection of 33 different bones, the intervertebral discs and supporting ligaments and muscles. The spine is the protective conduit for the spinal cord; which is...