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Magnolia Wellness Center is a thriving hub in San Francisco and Marin County. Our chiropractors transform peoples lives through reorganizational healing (ROH) modalities.

Why people seek our chiropractic care:

Some of the comments our people share after their adjustments:

  • Breathing Easier
  • Centered in Body
  • Comfort Sitting / Standing
  • Connected to Self
  • Contentment / Gratitude
  • Greater Adaptability to Stress
  • Emotionally Aware
  • Energy / Physical Vitality
  • Excited / Interested in Life
  • Extraordinary Joy, Happiness & Grace
  • Feeling Healthier
  • Harmony with Loved Ones
  • Improved Self Image
  • Mental Clarity / Focus
  • Motivation / Productivity
  • Pain Resolution
  • Spinal Flexibility

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS, DC

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS, DC is a  chiropractor, wellness lifestyle and personal growth expert. For over two decades Dr. Bridwell has amassed experience and education that puts her on the cutting edge of health, transformation, and consciousness. Dr. Bridwell is the founder of Magnolia Wellness Center – a thriving nexxus for holistic health located in San Francisco and Marin County.

Dr. Bridwell brings together a unique synergy of chiropractic disciplines to create maximum impact on the lives she touches. She holds a doctorate degree in Chiropractic, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and is certified in the KaliRay Yoga Method.

Dr.Bridwell has also accomplished extensive post-graduate work with the developer of Network Spinal Analysis, Dr. Donald Epstein, earning the highest level of certification to practice this advanced Chiropractic approach.

Dr. Bridwell was voted the best Chiropractor in the bay by ABC channel 7 news and is consistently ranked in the top 3 Best of the Bay Chiropractor’s. Dr. Bridwell has been recognized as an influential leader by Talk of the Town and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Dr. Bridwell is a member of Powerful Women International, the Marina Merchants Association, Russian Hill Neighbors Association and is a Quantum member of the association of Reorganizational Healing Practices. Dr. Bridwell was the founder of YogaInTheFlow, a holistic yoga center in outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Though inspirational lectures, retreats, workshops, private coaching, and her work as a network chiropractor, Dr. Bridwell has led thousands of people to a more vibrant, healthy and energized life.

Dr. Shea Lindsey DC

Dr. Shea Lindsey DC


Dr. Shea Lindsey graduated from Life Chiropractic West college in 2015. Dr. Shea grew up in a holistically minded home and at an early age was taught to trust the human body and its potential. In 2010, when she discovered NSA, Network Spinal Analysis,care she knew it was going to be her path as a healer. Dr. Shea began to learn from the developer of NSA from the start of her Chiropractic education and is honored to be sharing her expertise at Magnolia Wellness Center.


Kara Reagan

Kara is Magnolia Wellness Center’s Wellness Operations Coordinator.  Kara is the go to person in our practice handling everything from scheduling to making sure your umbrellas have a dry place to land when you are welcomed into our center.
Kara is passionate about living an organic lifestyle and she holds workshops and classes at our center and individually using her 5 part system.
Kara holds her degree  from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy and has been studying nutrition from over 10 years. 


Vanessa Verlee

Vanessa VerLee is a Wellness Educator, who has been offering private and group SRI sessions at Magnolia since 2012. After coming to network care with Dr. Stephanie in early 2010, Vanessa felt her life propell in beautiful ways. Consistent entrainments and SRI sessions at Magnolia and with Dr. Donald Epstein have given her immeasurable amounts of strength, ease, joy, peace and energy. It is Vanessa’s purpose in life to inspire each and every person she encounters to find their own connection to these gifts. Outside of Magnolia, Vanessa also teaches gentle and restorative yoga, offers Thai bodywork, acupressure, wellness services, and leads workshops and retreats often alongside Dr. Stephanie. She also is a performing singer-songwriter who organizes community music events around the Bay Area. For more about Vanessa, check out her website at: www.vanessaverlee.com