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  • Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center
    “Thank you Dr. Stephanie and Magnolia Wellness for creating such a safe, loving and supportive healing environment. I am grateful everyday for my 'magnolia family'”
    – Rebecca D. (from Yelp)
  • Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center
    “My son thrives and is joyful in all that he does largely due to our network care at Magnolia. They provide a nurturing space for him to engage in his innate body and mind connections. This care helps both of us move through changes and stress with ease and we sleep much better.”
    – Vanessa R.
  • Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center
    “I am seeing results, I am in less pain, and I am feeling better. Dr. Bridwell cares. She is a unique breed with character, compassion and confidence. Listen to her. Take it all in. Ask your questions and she'll do amazing work, and, she'll teach you how to heal yourself.”
    – Craig A. (from Yelp)
  • Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center
    “I have achieved miraculous results with Dr. Stephanie at Magnolia Wellness Center. Give it a chance and it will truly change your life for the better in more ways than you can even imagine at this point in time.”
    – Lauren S. (from Yelp)
  • “Magnolia Wellness Center is an amazing sanctuary of well-being care, and compassion...From network spinal analysis chiropractic care to yoga classes to weekend workshops, Magnolia is #1 on my list of elevated healing centers in the Bay Area.”
    – Lorien E. (from Yelp)
Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center

Hello, I want to personally welcome you to our website. It is my passion to be your wellness coach and chiropractor.  – Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS, DC, Founder

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At Magnolia Wellness Center We are Redefining Healthcare

The technologies we employ are at the cutting edge in wellness. The product of decades of ongoing research and refinement, our work produces clinical outcomes that not only help you through a healing crisis but also teach you sustainable and lifetime long strategies for strengthening the body, mind, and soul.

Our team is dedicated to creating and maintaining a sacred healing space where the uniqueness of YOU is seen. You are cared for with the same integrity, passion and commitment we show to our own family. We are also the home for many talented healing practitioners of other modalities.

Our Mission

Magnolia Wellness Center is a Reorganizational Healing Center dedicated to helping people DISCOVER their body’s innate healing wisdom, TRANSFORM their lives, and AWAKEN to their highest potential.